Arnold Dean

May 4, 2011

“In the CPTV original documentary, "The 60s in Connecticut", producers spent over a hundred hours interviewing subjects for the film.  Since the documentary can only include small portions of each interview, we are making the full interviews available on-line.  The "60s in Connecticut" can be seen on May 9, at 9:30 PM on CPTV.   

Arnold Dean, sports radio commentator in the 60s, was interviewed in the Fall of 2010.

Interview Synopsis:

Arnold Dean, a sports radio commentator, moved to Connecticut as a young man looking for a job in radio.  He shares his experiences covering the sports scene in Connecticut during the 1960’s. 

Mr. Dean remembers the advent of the Insurance City Open for golf, Hartford’s attempts to have a professional football team, and the surprising popularity of bowling.  He talks about everything from boxing to the covering the Yale vs. Harvard Regatta.  UConn sports were just as popular in the 60s as today and Arnold Dean covered the events.

Arnold Dean speaks about the changes in life and sports that he has seen over the course of his career:  how kids no longer play pickup games of baseball in the park to television's impact on the game of college basketball.  His experiences covering sports in the 60s and throughout his career highlight not only how sports have changed but also how society has changed.  

See Arnold Dean and many others in the CPTV original documentary “The 60’s in Connecticut” airing May 9th at 9:30 pm/