Another Session Down. What Did Connecticut Legislators Accomplish?

Jun 7, 2017

There’s always a lot of last-minute action at the state capitol when the legislative session’s about to end. But in the middle of a budgetary crisis - that action has ramped up.

A special legislative session is already planned to tackle that big budget hole - lawmakers and the governor have conceded that they’re not even close to an agreement. But in these final hours of the regular session, there’s been debate over items that could affect the state of the state’s economy.

A contentious bill to grant the state’s two tribal nations the right to build a third casino North of Hartford gained approval - but still faces a legal challenge from casino competitors. A plan to allow tolls on Connecticut’s highways seems to have stalled out - but the mythical transportation “lockbox” is a step closer. 

This hour, we get the latest from the capitol - and look at how Aetna’s plan to move it’s Headquarters has been affecting the work that’s being done there.


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