Up In The Air

Sep 21, 2011

With a huge aircraft convention coming to Hartford, we decided to get outside our own comfort zone and bring our show staff up in the air in a small plane yesterday. You'll hear that later in the show. The convention is expected to bring 7,000 visitors and a whole bunch of planes and helicopters to the city, but we also got interested in the life of small airfields around the state, so that's something we'll try to tell you a little more about today.

One thing we gradually realized is that aircraft owners and pilots are not  exclusively super-rich people. In fact, coming to this convention, there seems to be just about every imaginable subculture of pilots, including a group called the UFOs -- United Flying Octagenarians.

Of course, the other prejudice about small planes is that they're not safe. I had a few shivers flying out of Brainard Airport yesterday because I covered a horrible crash there in 1978.

To see a full slideshow from our trip in the Cessna, click here.

To see a video of our trip, click here.

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