"Ag-Gag" Laws; Preserving and Celebrating Connecticut's Farmland

To date, seven of America's major agricultural states have successfully passed what are known as agricultural gag laws -- laws that restrict the investigation of animal abuse on major industrial farms. 

These laws were the subject of a forum that took place this past weekend at the Yale Law School. This hour, we talk with some experts from that forum to find out more about what "ag-gag" laws are, and what kind of impact they might have here in Connecticut.

We also take a closer look at the history of agriculture in our state. And later, we hear from a local photographer whose latest project, The Connecticut Farm Project, aims to capture and educate viewers about life as a modern Connecticut farmer.


  • Irina Anta - Yale Law School student
  • Matthew Liebman - Senior Attorney at Animal Legal Defense Fund
  • Annie Hornish - State Director of the Humane Society of the United States
  • Steven Reviczky - Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Agriculture
  • Jim Smith - Lebanon dairy farmer
  • Jack McConnell - Connecticut photographer; creator of The Connecticut Farm Project