10,000 Take Part In Hartford Women's March

Jan 21, 2018
Originally published on January 22, 2018 2:24 pm

One of the over 500 Women’s Marches around the world happened in Hartford this weekend. The Hartford March focused on continued resistance to the Trump administration, getting more women into politics, and making the movement more inclusive.  

The pink hats were familiar, but this year protester signs reflected something new. They read: “Still not okay!” “See you at the polls,” and “365 days & still angry.” The crowd at this weekend’s march made it clear the movement hadn’t dwindled and they were taking action.

Lisa Conti, one of the women marching on Saturday, said, “I’m marching a lot for the same reasons I’m marching last year…is this White House is not acceptable, it’s dangerous…and I thought that the movement that was created from last year’s march has continued and I wanted to be a part of a continuation, which is why my sign says, ‘We’re still here.’”

At the rally, some speakers measured the progress that has been made since last year’s march by the number of women who have taken action by running for office.

Beth Kerrigan, who was recently elected deputy mayor of West Hartford, said, “Bristol, Plainfield, and West Haven now have their first ever female mayor because Ellen, Cathy, and Nancy chose to run. Thank you.”

The national Women’s March has faced criticism for not reaching out to women of color and transgender women. A number of speakers at Hartford’s march called for greater inclusion and support of minority groups.

“So here I am to speak to you today on behalf of the black women who felt left out,” said State Representative Robyn Porter, whose district includes Hamden and parts of New Haven.

“Yes, it is time. White women must use their privilege in this movement to demand justice for the causes of the women whose very shoulders they have consistently stood on over the centuries. So I want to know, are you with us?”

The march in Hartford drew 10,000 in front of the State Capitol building over the weekend. 

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