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June 29 - July 3, 2015

MONDAY: Bad News, Rich Culture: Looking Beyond the World News Headlines (Rerun)
Short of visiting another country, the only way most of us learn about other cultures is through news reports. Those stories frequently focus on what’s wrong with a country like earthquakes in Nepal, kidnappings in Nigeria, and Islamic extremism in Iran. What’s left out are the people and stories beyond those headlines. This hour, we revisit a conversation about things you may not know about other cultures.

TUESDAY:  Workers' Compensation Isn't What It Used To Be (Rerun)
How much do you know about Workers’ Compensation? It’s something that isn’t always given a lot of attention until you need it. Employers say the program costs too much for them to remain competitive and convinced legislators and unions on both sides of the aisle to reduce benefits. This hour, we hear from two reporters who covered Workers’ Compensation, and we check-in on Connecticut’s program.

WEDNESDAY: College In Prison
We’ll meet a man convicted of bank robbery who earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees while in prison. He’s now a student at Yale Divinity School. We’ll also hear about the power of a liberal arts education to prepare people returning from prison to life on the outside. That’s coming up on the next WWL.

 THURSDAY: Gender Diversity in Corporate Boardrooms; Teacher Representation in America's Schools (Rerun)
In the United States, men named John, James, Robert, and William hold more corporate board seats than women hold altogether. This house, law and diversity experts weigh in on what’s driving the lack of gender representation, and why it matters to American business. We also consider the effects of teacher diversity on student success in the classroom.

FRIDAY:  Hearing Voices: Stars and Bars (Special)
Celebrating America with flags, fireworks and summer festivals, featuring recitations and reflections on The Pledge of Allegiance, the annual Rainbow Family migration into the forest on July Fourth, a town that covets their title of the “Armpit of America”, and Mississippi moonshine, barbecued goat and old-time Fife & Drum at Otha Turner’s Afrosippi Picnic. This hour, we listen to an Independence Day special from Hearing Voices.

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June 29 - July 3, 2015

MONDAY: Finding Salvation in a Wooden Spoon
Jessica Fechtor nearly lost her life just as she was starting to live. At 28, in graduate school and newly married, she survived a ruptured brain aneurysm that took her sense of smell, the sight in her left eye and left her with a deep uncertainty about her future. It took the kitchen to save her. As soon as she was able to stand, she stirred and cooked and baked her way back from the brink. Jessica joins us to talk about Stir: My Broken Brain and the Meals That Brought Me Home, the story of her return.

TUESDAY: A Portrait of the 'Bro' As a Young Man (Rerun)
Today’s bros – the guys with the popped collars, backward baseball hats, high fives, and cutting edge handshakes – seem determined to carry the vibe of college into their thirties. Tribalism has rarely been so easily spotted than among bros who play drinking games, video games, and sexual conquest like a game. This hour, a conversation about the modern ‘bro.’

WEDNESDAY: Life, Death, Church, and ALS: A Conversation with Nancy Butler (Rerun)
Once upon a time, Nancy Butler lived in the Beltway and used her MBA to secure a high paying job with a defense contractor. But then she left and enrolled at the Yale Divinity School before founding her “inclusive evangelical” church. Since founding that church, Butler was living life with a beautiful family and a clear, compelling mission to build and pastor her church. Then she got ALS. This hour, Nancy talks with unusual candor about her faith and the way it influences the choices she will have to make.

THURSDAY: Innovation in the Arts: The Search Continues (Rerun)
It’s hard to imagine: the idea that the arts, the grand bastion of our creative genius, may soon be bankrupt. But are new ideas really an unlimited commodity, or won’t we one day exhaust them all? Some say we already have; that the bulk of what’s being churned out by today’s filmmakers, musicians and writers, are simply re-imaginings of the ideas of their predecessors. This hour, we attempt to figure out the fate of our creative future.

FRIDAY: Groundwork: Democracy Close to Home (Special)
A timely, one-hour special hosted by NPR’s Scott Simon, telling stories of American democracy at the local level. We listen in as people wrestle with issues alongside – and in opposition to – their neighbors. Episodes from Upstate New York, North Carolina, Texas, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Alaska.

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June 29 - July 3, 2015

Deprive a newborn baby of loving touch and the consequences are dramatic. In fact, touch deprivation can lead to a broad range of developmental problems that, if left uncorrected, will most likely carryover into adulthood. Neuroscientist David Linden tells us touch is not optional for human development. In his latest book, Touch: The Science of Hand, Heart, and Mind, Linden explains how this "weird, complex, and often counterintuitive system" of touch circuits involving our skin, nerves, and brain enables us to feel pleasure and pain.

TUESDAY: The Book Show
The Book Show gang joins Faith live with recommendations in all categories. And we’ll take your calls! What’re you reading? What’ve you recently read and loved? Are you a librarian? A teacher? Are you part of a book club? Call us!

WEDNESDAY: The Food Schmooze
July 4th red-white-and-blue desserts and party plans -- we're in full swing... the device that stops flair ups and burned food on the grill... Thai pork burgers... the Greek hamburger with yogurt garlic sauce and feta... and we're online 24/7 with great easy recipes, cocktails, and value wines at


SATURDAY: The Food Schmooze
July 4th red-white-and-blue desserts and party plans -- we're in full swing... the device that stops flair ups and burned food on the grill... Thai pork burgers... the Greek hamburger with yogurt garlic sauce and feta... and we're online 24/7 with great easy recipes, cocktails, and value wines at