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October 5 - October 9, 2015

MONDAY: Gov. Dannel Malloy Live on Where We Live
Gov. Dannel Malloy is less than a year into his second term but he's once again faced with a budget crisis. Just a few months into the new fiscal year, the governor has already made emergency spending cuts and some lawmakers are calling for a special session to address the problem. This hour, Malloy stops by our studios to talk about the state's budget, economy, and transportation system.

TUESDAY: College Endowments: Where's the Money Going? (Rebroadcast)
A recent New York Times op-ed drew attention to Yale University’s endowment and how the money is spent. The report found more was spent on private equity fund managers than on students, prompting renewed debate and criticism over big endowments at big schools. But the argument isn’t new. This hour, a conversation with higher education experts about the management of endowment money at the nation’s elite schools.

WEDNESDAY: The Wheelhouse

Join us for our weekly news roundtable.

THURSDAY: Are Opioids the Best Way to Treat Chronic Pain? (Rebroadcast) 
We hear a lot about the addictive qualities of opioids, but not enough about the deaths or severe symptoms of withdrawal in opioid users who never knew they were addicted until they stopped taking the drugs. Join us as we take a closer look at how we treat pain in America.

FRIDAY: Can Being Tased Change The Way Our Brains Work? 
A study out of Arizona State University looks at how Tasers impact the way we think. We talk to one of the researchers and ask: Should police officers be more careful in how quickly they question an individual following Taser deployment? 


The Colin McEnroe Show
Monday - Friday, 1:00 pm and 8:00 pm

October 5 - October 9, 2015

MONDAY: The Scramble: How We View Guns, SCOTUS Launches, and Live from the Dankosky Building, It’s Monday Afternoon!
Our weekly Monday afternoon Scramble continues the conversation arising from last week’s school shooting in Oregon. As the number of mass shootings continues to rise, the conversations we’re having don’t seem to have much of an effect. Is there a different way to talk about guns? Also, baseball’s regular season is over but the SCOTUS season is just getting started. We preview it with Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick. And Saturday Night Live started its 41st season with host Hillary…err…Miley Cyrus.

TUESDAY: What's In a Title? 
Part of the fun of watching movies and TV are the opening credits. They set the mood, characters, and tone for what's to come. Some say they're the most important part of the production, able to grab or lose an audience in the first few seconds. A surge in design technology and greater visual awareness in a digital age have given new prestige to the art of title design in the recent decades. 

WEDNESDAY: Philippe Petit (Rebroadcast) 
Philippe Petit dazzled incredulous New Yorkers who witnessed his high-wire walk between the World Trade Centers in 1974. The 1,350 foot high walk took him six years to plan and a lifetime to dream, yet ended with an unceremonious psychiatric evaluation ordered by New York City police. But Petit's love of art and irreverence prevailed, later immortalized in "Man On a Wire," the 2008 documentary by James Marsh and today, in "The Walk," released last week with Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Petit. 

THURSDAY: How Not to Become a Spy
Justin Lifflander wanted nothing more than to be an American spy during the Cold War. He learned to speak Russian, landed an internship as an intelligence analyst for the U.S. Department of State, and in 1987, was assigned to work at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. This hour, he joins us to share his story, which is chronicled in his new memoir, How Not to Become a Spy. We also speak to an Atlas Obscura reporter about the operational costs of government spying.

FRIDAY: The Nose
Join us for our weekly cultural roundtable.

The Faith Middleton Show
Monday - Thursday, 3:00 pm and 9:00 pm

The Food Schmooze®
Wednesday at 3:00 pm and Friday at noon 

MONDAY: The Microbiome: The Secret to Health and Weight Loss
Cutting-edge science has shown that the microbiome  -- a whole inner world that lives in your intestines -- is the secret to healthy weight loss and to feeling healthy, energized, optimistic, and at the top of your game. Now, drawing from nearly two decades of experience as a specialist in functional medicine and intestinal health, Raphael Kellman, MD, has developed the first diet based upon on these scientific breakthroughs. With delicious recipes and convenient meal plans The Microbiome Diet gives you the tools to achieve your healthy weight, boost your mood, regain your mental focus, and be in your best shape for life.

TUESDAY: Inside the 'Handbook for Happiness'
Happiness is a habit. For some of us, that habit is a natural inclination; for others, it is a learned behavior. The Mayo Clinic Handbook for Happiness combines wisdom from neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality to help you choose contentment. Dr. Amit Sood’s actionable ten-week program has helped tens of thousands of people reduce anxiety and find greater fulfillment in life.

WEDNESDAY: Stress-Free Methods to Making Everyone Happy at the Dinner Table
Katie Workman is a gifted cook, a best friend in the kitchen, and a brilliant problem solver. Her Mom 100 Cookbook was named one of the "Five Best Weeknight Cookbooks of the past 25 years" by Cooking Light. Now Katie turns her attention to the biggest problem that every family cook faces: how to make everyone at the table happy without turning into a short-order cook. The result: no more cranky eaters, no more dinner table strife, no more unsure or stressed-out cook.

THURSDAY: Chronic Pain, Relieved
If you are one of the 100 million people who suffer from chronic pain, you may be feeling hopeless and helpless, relying on endless medications that don't work, feeling worse and worse. But there is hope -- and help. The innovative program at the acclaimed Las Vegas Recovery Center, at which Dr. Mel Pohl is Medical Director, has helped thousands of sufferers to reduce chronic pain without the use of painkillers. Pohl's book is The Pain Antidote, and we'll send it right to your door.

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