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A return home from a distant journey is often comforting. For members of the Puerto Rican community in Connecticut the return to the island for them after Hurricane Maria is far different from their previous trips.

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Regresar a casa después de un largo viaje con frecuencia es reconfortante. Para los integrantes de la comunidad puertorriqueña de Connecticut el regreso a la isla después del Huracán María es muy diferente de sus viajes anteriores.

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Cuando conocimos al Dr. Bolívar Arboleda Osorio en la ciudad de Caguas hace unas semanas, habló sobre su experiencia tratando pacientes de las secuelas de la tormenta, primero vinieron las víctimas de trauma, luego vinieron los casos crónicos y graves que se convertían en emergencias a medida que avanzaba el tiempo y la electricidad permanecía apagada. Los registros electrónicos estaban atrapados en la nube. Como los pacientes no podían llamar para una cita, simplemente se presentaban.

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The brother of a man who was abused at a Whiting Forensic Hospital in Middletown, Connecticut says the scope of what he had to endure was “incomprehensible.” 

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President Trump is nominating a former pharmaceutical executive to lead the Department of Health and Human Services, the agency that, among other things, regulates prescription drugs.

The nomination comes at a time when rising drug prices have become a hot political issue.

The Boston researcher who examined the brain of former football star Aaron Hernandez says it showed the most damage her team had seen in an athlete so young.

Hernandez, whose on-field performance for the New England Patriots earned him a $40 million contract in 2012, hanged himself in a prison cell earlier this year while serving a life sentence for murder. He was 27 years old.


Connecticut’s recently passed biennial budget made drastic changes to health care provisions for some state residents. One of the ways lawmakers saved money was by cutting back Medicaid eligibility. 

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It's an important monthly cycle for half the world's population, yet even in 2017 many people aren’t comfortable talking about it.

This hour, why is menstruation so taboo, even though it’s a basic part of human biology?

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Pedro Bermudez, a Hartford school teacher, retired many years ago to Puerto Rico. He planned to live there for good with his wife Jeanette Hernandez.

Access Health CT

Open enrollment to buy health insurance through the Affordable Care Act exchanges began Wednesday, but the enrollment period this time around is shorter than ever.

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Pedro Bermudez, un profesor de escuela de Hartford, se jubiló hace muchos años y se fue a Puerto Rico. Pensaba vivir allí definitivamente con su esposa Jeanette Hernández.

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This hour: the myths and realities of end-of-life treatment in the U.S.

Coming up, we learn about a recent Kaiser Health News investigation and explore the history of hospice in Connecticut.

Do you know someone who has received or is currently undergoing hospice care? How has that experience affected you, your friends, your family? 

Connecticut Health I-Team

Consumers can begin shopping for 2018 health insurance through Access Health CT (AHCT) Wednesday, but will see sizeable price increases and have far less time to enroll than in previous years.

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We drove to Caguas, a city south of San Juan, four weeks after Hurricane Maria hit. Our guide was Luis Cotto -- a former Hartford city councilman now living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We traveled to Puerto Rico to tell stories; he traveled to deliver thousands of dollars in inflatable solar lights and water filters to people who need them, including members of his family.

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Fuimos en auto hasta Caguas, una ciudad al sur de San Juan, cuatro semanas después de que golpeara el Huracán María. Nuestra guía fue Luis Cotto, un exconsejal de la ciudad de Hartford que ahora vive en Cambridge, Massachusetts. Viajamos a Puerto Rico para contar historias; él viajó para entregar miles de dólares en inflables, lámparas solares y filtros de agua a personas que las necesitan, incluso a integrantes de su propia familia.