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Lynch Will Accept Recommendations Of Lawyers, Agents, On Clinton Email Probe

A Justice Department official says the Attorney General will accept the recommendations of career lawyers and FBI agents investigating the security of Hillary Clinton's email server.The announcement comes after 24 hours of furor over Attorney General Loretta Lynch's impromptu meeting with former President Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac in Phoenix. Lynch said the call was purely social, with no law enforcement topics on the table.But Republican lawmakers cited the appearance of impropriety...
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Diane Orson

New Haven's Julian Schlusberg on the Art of Educational Theater

Summer's here and many Connecticut kids are heading off to camps and summer enrichment programs.
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Lori Mack / WNPR

In response to the recent rash of overdoses in New Haven, medical professionals are going out into the community to teach people how to use naloxone -- or Narcan -- the overdose antidote.

Charles Bulfinch / Creative Commons

Connecticut's Old State House will be closing, at least temporarily.

Almost at the last minute, a federal judge has declared a controversial Mississippi law unconstitutional.

The law, HB 1523, would have protected religious objections to gay marriage, extramarital sex and transgender identities. The judge says it favors some religious beliefs over others and would codify unequal treatment of LGBT people.

Attorneys for the state are expected to appeal the ruling, The Associated Press reports.

Months after he was granted a new hearing because of new evidence, Adnan Syed, whose 2000 murder conviction was a key focus of the hit podcast Serial, has been granted a new trial, according to his attorneys.

Baltimore City Circuit Judge Martin Welch vacated Syed's conviction, saying in a memorandum that his attorney "fell below the standard of reasonable professional judgment" in handling his case.

Announcing the news Thursday, attorney Justin Brown tweeted in all-caps: "WE WON A NEW TRIAL FOR ADNAN SYED!!!"

Ryan Caron King / WNPR

The Connecticut Airport Authority says its new transportation center at Bradley International Airport will not include a proposed tribal casino.

Chicagoland Concrete, Inc. / Wikimedia Commons

Homeowners in Connecticut are getting some help for crumbling foundations.

As the Obama presidency draws to a close, white and black Americans are deeply divided on views of race relations in the United States, according to a new survey from the Pew Research Center.

The report, titled On Views of Race and Inequality, Blacks and Whites are Worlds Apart, found that just 8 percent of black Americans say the changes needed to achieve racial equality for blacks in the U.S. have already been made, while nearly 40 percent of white Americans say the same thing.

TASER International

Connecticut recently became the first state in the nation to require its police officers to file a report after using an electronic stun-gun or “Taser.” The first year of that data is now in -- and it says Tasers are used more frequently on minority suspects. 

Boris Johnson, who was widely considered a top candidate for U.K. prime minister once David Cameron steps down, has announced he will not be seeking the position.

The former mayor of London was a vocal proponent of the Brexit, and is a popular political figure — widely referred to as just "Boris."

He, like Cameron, is a member of the U.K.'s Conservative Party, which controls the British Parliament; the party's members will be choosing Cameron's replacement over the course of this summer.

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University of Connecticut student Haddiyyah Ali got an email in January from a woman whose story floored her. The woman was working at a talent agency in 1965 when she says Bill Cosby invited her to a party at his house.


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Inside the Network of Heroin Users Fighting Overdose Deaths in Hartford

Sherwood Taylor remembered the time he saw a friend die of an overdose, just feet away from where he sat on his bed in his Hartford apartment.
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WNPR's Coverage of a Drug Crisis

The nation is in the midst of a opioid crisis. Connecticut is, too -- and WNPR is bringing you stories you won't find anywhere else.

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No Longer Too Big to Fail, GE Capital Changes its Connecticut Footprint

Connecticut based GE Capital is no longer too big to fail. That’s the decision handed down from a federal oversight agency, and it means the company no longer needs to comply with the most stringent regulations put in place after the financial crash. It’s a further indication of just how much has changed for GE in the last year.
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The Beaker

Meet the Arctic Fox

A cold-adapted charismatic denizen of the North.


The Opening of the World’s Longest Rail Tunnel Involved Goat Costumes

A massive rail tunnel opened in Switzerland. What better way to mark the occasion?

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New England Officials Dispute Proposed EU Lobster Ban

With struggling fisheries in Connecticut facing warmer waters and competition with other states, across the pond a potential U.S. lobster ban could add additional complications for New England.
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On Course

Interactive Robot Promises to Help Autistic Kids Learn New Skills

Leka is a “social robot”… designed specifically to help children with disabilities develop social skills. It’s modeled around the concept of play therapy and gamification.

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With Stadium Stalled, Hartford Mayor Says Developer's Role in Rest of Project in Doubt

The developers of Hartford’s stalled minor league baseball stadium want to hold off on the grocery store they agreed to. But Mayor Luke Bronin now says they may have bigger problems -- and he doubts the people at Centerplan Construction have the ability to finish the rest of the ambitious downtown development project.
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